Jungle Jr Preschool

The Junior Preschool Room focuses on:

  • building onto the skills learned in the toddler
  • helping the child to achieve more independence 
  • developing fine motor skills 
  • sensory experiences
  • gross motor skills 
  • art and music

Licensing states that "preschoolers, 30 months (2.5years) of age until 3 years of age is a 1 staff : 8 children ratio"; however we have found that a lower ratio of 1 staff : 6 children is more beneficial. This class room is a max of 12 children. 

We have group time daily going over our theme of the week: reading a story, singing songs, and working on shape/color recognition; as well as the letter of the week. The children enjoy a variety of different toys, games, and activities planned out by their teacher. Center areas in the classroom provide the opportunity to practice cooking, driving cars, and being builders.

Daily Schedule 

6:30-9:00 arrival/work                      time/breakfast

8:45 diapers & pottiers

9:00-9:15 circle time

9:15-9:30 AM snack

9:30-9:45 Teacher Choices

9:45-10:45 outdoor/indoor                    recess

10:45-11:00 diapers &                           pottiers (h2o &                     books)

11:00-11:15 large group

11:15-11:45 small group

11:45-12:00 diaper check &                    handwashing                      (music and                                 movement)

12:00-12:30 lunch

12:30-2:30 naptime

2:30-3:00 cot cleanup/                        diapers & pottiers

3:00 PM snack

3:15-3:30 storytime/sit-                      down songs

3:30-4:00 small groups

4:00-4:45 outdoor/ indoor                   play

4:50-5:00 diapers & pottiers

5:00-6:30 teacher’s choice