The forms below are required by the State of Michigan. We need to have these on file to be compliant with Licensing. Please print out one per child, fill out, and bring in on your first day. 

Emergency Card- this will be given to you in your registration packet.

Health Appraisal- please make sure the doctor portion is filled out and signed. We also need a copy of the immunizations. If you choose to not vaccinate, we need to have a signed wavier from the Washtenaw County Health Department.

Statement of Good Health- If your child is a school-ager, they will have all required health documents on file at their school. We just require this document filled out. 

Photo Release- We need authorization to use your child's photo in the classrooms and center, as well as on our website and our Facebook. 

Written Information Packet Documentation- This is a document stating that we gave you certain information that we are required to give you (this is spelled out on the form). All this information is found in the Parent Handbook. 

Parent Notification of the Licensing Notebook- This form states that we told you where the licensing notebook is and that you can look at it during open hours. The notebook is a yellow book located to the left of the office, underneath our yearly composite.  

Parent Handbook- We just need the signature page. The handbook is yours to reference.

Get to know your infant- This form is to introduce your infant to us. This includes feeding schedule, sleep habits, likes and preferences.