Annie's Children's 

Saline, MI

Infant and Toddler Programs

The Infant room provides a caring and cozy atmosphere to build loving relationships with each child. This room has a very flexible schedule, allowing infants and young toddlers to eat, sleep, and play on demand. Our teachers love to sing songs, get on the floor to do tummy time, as well as read picture books to encourage print awareness. We also provide art & sensory experiences for the children who are interested. 

The Toddler rooms are divided into 1's and 2's that offers a bit more structure as they tots are ready for it.  Their goal is to help the children develop gross motor skills, learn to interact with friends, and become prepared for the next classroom:  to sit for a short group time and read aloud stories, art activities. They are also learning to eat lunch & snacks at toddler sized tables. We also begin to introduce letters, colors, shapes, and counting concepts through songs, stories, and projects.

Junior Preschool

The Junior Preschool Room focuses on building skills from the Toddler Room and helping the child to achieve more independence. We work on learning colors, shapes, numbers and beginning letters. We focus on developing fine motor skills, sensory experiences, large motor skills, art, and music. We have group time daily going over our theme of the week, reading a story, singing songs, and working on shape/color recognition.

The children enjoy a variety of different toys, games, and activities planned out by their teacher. Fine motor skills, litercy skills, and pre-writing skills are developed using play-doh, large group time, , and getting messy with paints, and various other materials.  Center areas in the classroom provide the opportunity to practice cooking, driving cars, and being builders.

The Preschool Program

The Preschool Program works on preparing each child for Kindergarten.  Our preschool-only portion of the day is from 8:45 to 11:45 daily. Group Time the time that we go over letters, letter sounds, words that begin with each letter, a shape of the week, a color of the week, the weather, calendar, and our classroom rules. We read stories, sing songs, learn poems and rhymes to help build literacy skills. There are often special days like show and tell, face painting, or a visit from a member of the community or special guest. There will be a morning and afternoon "work time" where the preschooler make a choice of what work they will do for approximately 45 minutes. These activities will be observed and facilitated (as needed) by the classroom staff. Weather permitting, we also go outside twice daily for large motor play on the playground, tennis courts, or sometimes even a walk along the nature trails- seasonally we do outdoor water play or sledding in the winter months.